CO₂ in Industrial Refrigeration

  • CO₂ solutions for Industrial Refrigeration - Danfoss
  • Industrial refrigeration is the first area where CO2 has made a successful comeback. CO2 in industrial refrigeration is used either as the low-stage refrigerant in cascade installations, or as a secondary coolant. Danfoss has more than 15 years of experience in developing components for sub-critical CO2 systems and offers a complete range of valves for those applications, including: 


    • Control valves 
    • Line components 
    • Complete valve stations 
    • Filter-driers 
    • Sensors (temperature, pressure, level, gas detectors) 


    Danfoss has carried out all the required tests to ensure that components released for use with CO2 are compatible in all respects. Danfoss industrial refrigeration specialists can help you with the selection of the right components for CO2 applications.

    We have developed a number of tools that facilitate design of CO2 systems such as DIRcalc™ software, application guides and a comprehensive set of technical leaflets and instructions.


  • CO2 Phase changes

    One of the Natural alternatives to existing refrigerants is CO2.

    Watch the phase-shifts of CO2 recorded at the Danfoss Refrigeration R&D Laboratory, and follow the fascinating transition between solid, liquid and vapour phases in the pressure chamber and the behaviour in the supercritical region.

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