Introducing New, Larger ICF Valves

  • ICF Flexline™ Large Valves - Danfoss
  • What's in it for You?

    • Better use of resources equals stronger cash flow 
    • Much higher capacity and lower pressure drop 
    • Defrost connection saves time and optimizes the valve insulation 
    • Saving energy and reducing your environmental impact 
    • Increased system performance 

  • Danfoss completes the successful range of ICF Flexline™ valves for Industrial Refrigeration by introducing two new, larger valves: The ICF 50-4 and the ICF 65-3.

    With the introduction of new, larger valves, the ICF Flexline™ range now covers all sizes from DIN 15 to DIN 65. This makes it possible for operators and designers of industrial refrigeration installations to choose all their valves from just one trusted global supplier.

    Increased capacity and far lower pressure drop
    The new ICF valves have been rigorously tested at the Danish Technological Institute. For the ICF 50-4, tests reveal a 36% higher capacity than comparable valve types currently in the market. Furthermore, market alternatives have been proven to have a pressure drop 86% higher than the new Danfoss ICF 50 at comparable cooling capacities. The result is a valve which is far better in terms of energy expenditure and overall efficiency.


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