ICF Flexline™ Stainless Steel Valve Station

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  • Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration has just released a stainless steel version of its successful ICF Flexline™ valve station for industrial refrigeration. This innovation makes it possible to design modern, future-proof refrigeration systems made entirely from stainless steel – a clear benefit wherever hygienic and corrosion-proof production environments are a necessity.

    In the global food and beverage industries, the use of stainless steel refrigeration components is becoming widespread. Keeping corrosion at bay and maintaining a hygienic environment can be all-important to businesses such as the dairy, fishery, brewing and meat processing industries. Stainless steel components offer all the benefits a producer requires in terms of cleanliness and protection against corrosion in a production environment that can be both wet and highly saline.

    Danfoss has led the development of stainless steel components for industrial refrigeration use such as valves and other core components in a refrigeration system, and a comprehensive range of stainless steel line components are available from Danfoss.


    One Stop Shopping:

    • Just one supplier needed for all component types 
    • The only stainless steel valve station in the market 
    • Innovation from the market leader in refrigeration technology 
    • Full range of support tools available for free 
    • Based on the tried and tested ICF valve station concept 
    • Full compatibility with all stainless steel components from Danfoss 


  • End-User Benefits

    • Perfectly suited for CO2-based systems 
    • Low TCO 
    • Pre-tested and factory-assembled product ready to install 
    • Precise temperature control for optimum food safety 
    • Approved for high-pressure refrigerants 
    • 100 % tightness 
    • Fewer weldings equal minimized leak risk 

  • Benefits for the Contractor

    • Higher margins on your service contracts 
    • One code number for simpler spare parts handling 
    • Less inventory space needed 
    • Compact design, low weight 
    • Fewer weldings equal minimized leak risk 
    • Full systems design freedom

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