Full Modularity in a Smaller Package: The New ICF 15-4 Valve Station

RC-News-ICF15-4ValveStation The ICF 15-4 is compact and light, and it offers the benefits of the innovative ICF Flexline™ valve station range: Modularity, flexibility and suitability for all future and high-pressure refrigerants. Plus, it makes servicing and installation much easier and faster and will cut down on the overall lifetime cost of your refrigeration installation.

- Saturday, 15 November 2014 By Danfoss

With over 25,000 installations to date, the ICF Flexline™ valve station range has proved its value to customers worldwide. Now Danfoss extends the Flexline™ range with the new, smaller ICF 15-4. It is pre-fitted with a stop valve and a strainer module, leaving two valve ports open for free configuration.

Future-proof and quick to install
The ICF 15-4 is designed for both low and high pressure installations and is ideal for use with CO2, NH3 and HFC/HCFC refrigerants. The no-flange construction means that it can be used with a working pressure of up to 52 bar, and its compact size means faster and easier project planning and servicing.

Available with flanges for retrofit projects
The ICF 15-4 is also available in a flanged version - the ICF EVRAT. This is ideal for a quick and easy retrofit of solenoid valves and strainers (EVRA/FA).


RC-News-ICF15-4  Your direct benefits:
  • Six possible configurations, depending on your requirements
  • Applicable for industrial refrigeration installations with a maximum working pressure of 52 bar
  • Full control of installation costs and cash flow due to lower number of individual parts and joints
  • Direct weld means less need of servicing and retightening
  • Simpler, faster project planning
  • Also available with flanges for EVRA retrofitting (maximum working pressure 42 bar)
  • Proven Danfoss quality and reliability 
  • Shared parts with ICF program



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